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Whatever you'd like, from one of my custom Belcher Bows, one of our Bearpaw USA Slick Stik hybrid longbows, or bow building supplies or bow blanks from OMC Bowyer Supply. We've got you covered.

Pig Hunting in South Texas

​​Since moving to the United States in the 1980's, I've designed & built thousands of bows.

I understand the needs of the target shooter and the bowhunter alike because I've spent most of my life roving, target shooting, bowhunting and building traditional longbows and recurve bows. The first bow I ever shot was a  bamboo, straight-ended longbow my dad made for me when I was three years old. I've been shooting bows and arrows ever since. Whether over the English Moors - where I grew up - over the hills of New Zealand, or the scendaros of South Texas I have always lived life as an archer and a bowhunter. 
As a junior in England I was a Flight Champion and through the years I have won countless archery competitions in England and the US. I've been hunting on the ground for big game animals such as; wild boar, white tail deer, warthogs, javalina, and others in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. I've taken animals successfully with all kinds of traditional bows, longbows, recurves, and American flat bows.

I've even developed bows that offer peak-performance at your specific draw length, no matter how short or long.
I can custom fit bows to individual archers, drawing on almost 60 years’ experience in shooting and bow building. Whether you're a Bow Hunter or a Target & Field Shooter --
Jim Belcher

Belcher Bows -- Traditional
Jack Belcher -- Archer and Master Bow Maker