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I'm proud to bring you these great traditional bows from Bearpaw Products of Germany!  Every item offers quality craftsmanship at affordable prices! 
I've been working with Bearpaw Products for over 6 years.  Working with them to improve their designs, production, and material selection. I'm proud to say my company, Bearpaw USA, is importing Slick Stik hybrid longbows and the Mowhawk take-down bow that's available with either recurve limbs or hybrid longbow limbs. These bows are fast, stable, and very affordable.  The perfect combination of European craftsmanship, the best materials, and efficient design. Our

Bodnik Bows offer top notch performance in Longbows and Recurves at affordable prices.  

The Slick Stick Hybrid Longbow is only $349.99 and we have them in stock!

If you've been in the market looking for a new traditional bow, check out our Bearpaw USA website for the best values in longbows and recurves you're going to find - AND they all come with a Lifetime Warranty!